Lillee's Corner

How To Pre-Plan Instagram Posts

July 19, 2018

Hey hey, Jeaniez! Today I am going to share with you loves how I plan out my Instagram posts. This […]



July 18, 2018

Hey there #jeaniez, and WELCOME BACK! My website is finally up and running, and should be working smoothly once again! […]


Rael Box Details/Review

June 26, 2018

      Ahead of time, let it be known this blog post MIGHT make some of you feel uncomfortable. […]


Trying Under Eye Dark Circle Treatments At Home

June 14, 2018

     Not enough rest, stress, and perhaps some annoying allergies can all be the perfect storm for under eye […]

Lillee's Corner

Drugstore Foundation Inequality

June 12, 2018

             When you walk into the drugstore, specifically the makeup section, aside from an array […]

Makeup Looks

Dramatic Smoldering Black Smudged Eyeliner Makeup Look

June 10, 2018

        It has been quite some time since I did a makeup post, but here we are […]


Think Before You Purchase Skincare Products

June 8, 2018

         THINKING before you purchase skincare products seems a tad offputting, but allow me to explain! Every […]


Top 5 Essential Oils

June 5, 2018

If I was told to ONLY pick 5 favorite essential oils, that would be TOUGH! However, being I’ve gotten into […]

Lillee's Corner

Amazon Swimsuit Shopping: Expectation Vs. Reality

June 2, 2018

           As Summer is fast approaching, I wanted to find an amazing swimsuit, or maybe two, […]


Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Experience

May 27, 2018

      You know how you get in a mood? When you want to try things…but happen to be […]

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