Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Experience

      You know how you get in a mood? When you want to try things…but happen to be a little unsure? Welp, that was me last week contemplating whether or not do an ACV hair rinse, in the name of science (hehe). I was tearing between some people who said their natural curls were restored and some people who said they smelled rancid. The one factor that freaked me the most, before I finally took the plunge, is someone saying ACV tinted their hair. After deciphering they MUST have had fresh hair dye on their head for a chemical reaction to occur, or super dark hair for brassiness to occur I said to myself, “you know what…Let’s DO THIS!” Below is a series of my Twitter Tweets which document my experience, hour by hour. Does an ACV rinse really work?

Hair we go…


NOTE: I did not dilute the ACV properly…I just dumped half a bottle on my hair, and let me tell you, I had to open a window the vinegar scent was SO strong! The only upside is I took a bath, so my skin did feel soft after stepping out.

EEEEK! Thunder darn you.

NOTE: In a rush from the smell I added lavender & orange essential oil’s to my hair, rinsed it out, then reapplied to mask the ACV scent!

Can you hold my hair Pheepy?

Benefits of ACV Hair Rinse:

  • Shinier Hair (removes build-up)
  • Helps w/ dandruff
  • Bouncy curls/restores hair texture
  • Removes hairspray/oils…ect.
  • POSSIBLE help w/ hair growth

In The End

I want to make it CLEAR that an ACV rinse should not be done every day, but rather once or twice a month! ACV is acidic, and basically no different than putting lemon juice on your hair daily for a lightened effect! This is PERFECT if you use a lot of hair care products, hairspray included, or have damaged strands that need a helping hand. I actually do love the way my hair has turned out as it’s bouncy and VERY shiny! The smell has also gone away…but in part, this is my error as I did not dilute the ACV correctly, which more than likely is why my hair smelled terribly bad.

Check out my ACV Laundry Detergent experiment here:

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