Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Review and Swatches

                     The second largest release in makeup history after Urban Decay’s 100 lipstick debut, is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation line, or as they call it their  “Stick to Flawless” new signature lineup of Stick Foundations.  From a wide array of natural skin tones, to their popular and most sought after highlighting and contouring creams, this my friends will be a product EVERY beauty lover has by the end of next year!  What is this product anyway? What separates it from the rest? Well, simply said, according to their website the product is a “highly pigmented, build-able cream formula that leaves a natural matte finish.” They suggest the Stick Foundation should be applied as an all-over foundation, sheered out tinted moisturizer, or simply for as stated above highlighting and contouring.  Unlike other brands who over glamorize, the item description is completely TRUE, especially the factor of lightweight tubes and an ideal match for combination or oily skinned ABH users…though I think they might wanna’ add dry into there as I myself am plagued by dry patches and this glided right over!

**UPDATE 11/3/16: Product still is absolutely amazing, and has a ton of product to go!**
**UPDATE 1/25/17: Product is running low, but is the only thing that has reacted well to my skin type**
**UPDATE 2/1/17 (FINAL CONCLUSION)” Product does the job, but isn’t anything to ride home about. Good for if you need a quick “pick-me-up”, or a spot coating on blemishes.

                                Retailing at $25.00, you receive a vegan and cruelty free product available in 26 shades, around 6 are highlight/contour hues! For those interested, below I shall list the product COLORS with an accompanied tiny color description. Do be noted UNIQUE color undertones are featured ranging from the fairest of them all, to the deepest and sexiest ebony present! These undertones include Cool Neutral, Warm Olive, Warm Neutral, RED, Cool Red, Blue, Warm, and Cool, essentially every undertone you can think of which leads me to believe there is a shade for everyone.  
Alabaster: Very Fair Skin With Cool Neutral Undertones
Warm Alabaster: Very Fair Skin With Warm Olive Undertones
Porcelain: Fair Skin With Cool Neutral Undertones
Warm Porcelain: Fair Skin With Warm Neutral Undertones
Ivory: Light Skin With Warm Olive Undertones
Warm Ivory: Light Skin With Warm Undertones
Beige: Light Skin With Warm Neutral Undertones
Cool Beige: Light Skin With Cool Neutral Undertones
Natural: Medium Skin With Warm Undertones
Warm Natural: Medium Skin With Warm Olive Undertones
Honey: Medium Tan Skin With Warm Olive Undertones
Golden: Medium Skin With Red Undertones
Caramel: Medium Tan Skin With Warm Neutral Undertones
Tan: Medium Skin With Warm Undertones
Warm Tan: Medium Skin With Red Undertones
Almond: Dark Medium Tan Skin With Warm Neutral Undertones
Amber: Dark Medium Tan Skin With Warm Undertones
Chestnut: Medium Deep Skin With Warm Undertones
Cocoa: Deep Skin With Red Undertones
Walnut: Medium Deep Skin With Cool Red Undertones
Espresso: Deep Skin With Warm Olive Undertones
Truffle: Deep Skin With Cool Undertones
Cool Earth: Deep Skin With Blue Undertones
Earth: Deep Skin With Red Undertones
Fawn: Contour Caffe Latte 
Shadow: Contour Caramel Latte 
Mink: Contour Toasted Almond
Banana: Highlight Pale Yellow 
                       Before doing a test run of this foundation I made sure my skin was in it’s worst condition possible. That means dry patches, peach fuzz, some oily spots, and all over redness from hormonal breakouts! I wanted to ensure my review was PURE and exact, so this bad boy was put to tha’ test. Pictured above is a step by step application process beginning from NO makeup, to a full faced settled in with a powdered foundation and an Anastasia Glow, no blush no other foreign powers were used! For starters, the stick glides on like silk, and surprisingly blends just as beautifully too.  I personally swirled the foundation in simultaneous stippling and circular blending motions across all zones of my face using a Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer, I find denser bristles to soften the product up best. At first glance it MIGHT seem a bit scary since almost every peach fuzz hair was visible, but once I sprayed on Mac’s Fix+ the weird texture vanished and only a pure glowy finish yielded…not quite matte, however. If you take a view at the standard swatching of Porcelain across the inside palm of my hand, you shall see a streaky not full coverage smooth blend, but ironically when applied to the skin, the formula is one straight shoot of color! Although there were some difficulties when it came to blending the product in, I found the color match to be EXACT (photo to your left), its always important to work with corresponding foundations this way your face matches your neck, without all the work of mixing and blending downwards. 
                       Do excuse the harsh cool lighting caused from my Diva Light, this shade actually is more neutral than cool in tone, thus working perfect for me SINCE I typical run warm in foundations! Anyhow, wearing time I found it lasted a hearty 7 hours WITHOUT shifting nor loosing pigment, essentially it looked the same as when I walked out of the house this morning. The only downfall I can find is when you build up pigment you MUST ensure the first layer applied is evenly disbursed, otherwise a huge buildup occurs thus leading to cakey finishes! This product is definitely light weight and you receive about 8 inches worth of product in length, and 2 1/2 inches worth of product width wise, this calculates to a Net Wt. of 9 g OR o.32 OZ.  In comparison to my ALL TIME favorite Revlon PhotoFinish Insta-Fix Stick Foundation, this is certainly more glowy, does last longer, and DOES NOT sink into one’s pores! As being someone with sensitive skin I always have to watch the ingredients since I am prone to breakouts, this thankfully caused NADA in terms of huge red pimples invading my face :). 
                    All in all I would 100% recommend this product to ANYONE of any skin color, skin texture, or skin concern since I proved all that even in my worst conditions this baby works! I would like to clarify a MATTE NATURAL finish means some sheen will shine through, it’s not formally matte, nor a demi matte, its meant to look natural and last all day long until of course, you remove it.  Hope you beauties enjoyed this review, will you be purchasing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation XOXO, Thaeyeballqueen, Lillee Jean Trueman?!
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