Wait…Did Ulta Send Me Repackaged Products?

          While shopping on Ulta, or any carrier brand, let’s face it, we all get a little carried away. “Oooh! I need a little of this, a little of that…” You catch my drift! That was exactly me, about two weeks ago when I was shopping online for some new lipglosses. Getting sidetracked, it popped into my mind the grand idea of getting new Mac lipsticks! Seeing as though my first lipstick was Mac Angel, and last year I let it go due it being expired, why would I see any problem with ordering from Ulta? I mean, gosh, they ONLY held my eyeshadow palette in December for an extra week due to laziness, but ahh what’re a few people who don’t move their butts have to do with the cream and butter of this blog post. Caught Caught. Anyhow, I ordered Mac Blankety, and Mac Crosswires, which are beautiful fresh Spring colors!  What could *possibly* go wrong? Well, NOT ONLY did Ulta have a delay on shipping again, they sent me used, and repackaged products. To my surprise, after looking up this issue MANY other people have experienced this before! Not only is repackaging a hygiene issue, it’s flat out nasty. See below for more, and pictures.

          Mac Blankety seemed to be in the worst of conditions. With the bullet tip TOUCHED and clearly resurfaced (if you look closely, next to Crosswires, the bullet tip, where it sits on the natural curve of one’s lip is THINNER), and the bottom “Amplified Lipstick” tag being slapped on, I think it’s safe to say this WILL NOT be going on my lips! As being one who is very sensitive, I examine my products VERY closely before applying. Not only does resurfacing not “clean” the lipstick it transfers bacteria and germs from other people’s fingers, lips, salvia, and so on and so forth. Why should I trust I won’t get a Staph infection? Hmm?!

          Ohh, Crosswires. Crosswires was NOT AS BAD, in fact at first I was going to keep the lipstick. That’s until I held the lipstick in the sunlight and saw the silver packaging had lipstick on the “handle” part and was smudged almost like someone had touched it, BEFORE me. I don’t know about you love’s, but I would rather be SAFE than sorry! I would like to add this lipstick did not smell like vanilla, which is a signature Mac lipstick scent. Suspicious!

         Please note how the box also looked used. Now has this ONLY happened to me, or has it happened to others? According to theglowup.theroot.com in an article written by Monique Judge, a lawsuit was filed in February of this year against the company for reselling USED products. Apparently, employees are taught methods of repackaging. This means cleaning off a makeup palette that was sent back (not sanitizing), cleaning foundation sticks with q-tips to make them seem new, and even reselling “damaged” bin items to consumers on the daily.

“Our policy does not allow the resale of used products. We are aware of the lawsuit and intend to vigorously defend against the allegations. The health and safety of Ulta Beauty guests is a top priority and we strive to consistently deliver an optimal experience every time they shop with us.” – Ulta Beauty

Their policy, by law, might not state they resell use products, but sure as heck, they do! E-coli, Staph, there are endless bacterias found on used cosmetics, fecal matter included. It’s a matter of where are their morals at? I get managers need to meet their quotas, but this is simply not the way. Makeup Geek, for example, puts up at discount prices products that were damaged in production, however, the difference is they’re not USED, and Makeup Geek admits, they’re not supreme to the “good” batches.  Have you gotten used makeup before? Let me know in the comments below!

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